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Raw Hat

Western handcrafted hats

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Raw Hat - Western handcrafted hats

aw Hat was born one winter's morning in the Hat Factory F.lli Vimercati of Monza, between felt, wood, iron and steam, in an atmosphere suspended in time, where the heat of the boiler and the human heat of the family that has managed it since 1953, recall a past of passion for work, artisan tradition and memory of ancient customs.

A place where with mastery and experience, through dozens of manual steps between felt processing, shaping and shaving, you get a unique product, something special and rich: a real hat. As fans of Vintage & Denim and of good sustainable practices, we could not embrace the philosophy of these master hatters.

Raw hat was born as a productive collaboration, which finds the right value in the use of ancient wooden shapes and manual shapes, in a quality collection inspired by the American western tradition of the beginning of the last century and the celebration of the myth of the West.


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